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Jan 16, 2020 Best leaf blower 2020: Keep your garden tidy with these Jan 20, 2020 draft-www-bess-yang-vpn-service-pm-00 - A YANG Model for The data model defined in [RFC8345] introduces vertical layering relationships between networks that can be augmented to cover network/service topologies. This document defines a YANG model for both Network Performance Monitoring and VPN Service Performance Monitoring that can be used to monitor and manage network performance on the topology at higher layer or the service topology between VPN LEAF Linux Embedded Appliance Framework / Re: [leaf-user

Oct 31, 2019

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Data center network design moves from tree to leaf

This document defines a YANG Data model (called, L2NM) that can be used to manage the provisioning of Layer 2 VPN services within a Service Provider Network. This YANG module provides representation of the Layer 2 VPN Service from a network standpoint. The module is meant to be used by a Network Controller to derive the configuration information that will be sent to relevant network devices.