Also, Reporters Without Borders included South Korea on its list of countries "Under Surveillance" during 2011, and it also compared the level of Internet censorship to those experienced by

Jan 15, 2020 Internet Censorship is Part of South Korea’s Democracy South Korea’s Online Censorship Reflects a Global Decline of Internet Freedom South Korea’s move towards a more restricted internet environment is evident in other democratic countries. In Spain, for example, the Gag Law prevents police officers from being recorded and photographed, even if they commit violent acts or repress protests. Internet Censorship in South Korea - SI410 Internet Censorship in South Koreais fairly restrictive since it censors any type of pro-North Korean material online and actively regulates the production/distribution of pornography. Due to these reasons, South Korea's (Republic of Korea) unique traits can be seen represented in its Internet environment.

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Jan 20, 2020

"Illegal Site Blocking?” South Korean Netizens Highly

Sep 29, 2018 Internet censorship in South Korea — Wikipedia Republished Internet censorship in South Korea is similar to other developed countries but contains some unique elements such as the blocking of pro-North Korea websites, which led to it being categorized as "pervasive" in the conflict/security area by OpenNet Initiative. It is also unique among developed countries to block pornography and material considered harmful to minors as they are illegal by law