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That is because all of your browsing information can be tracked with your IP address – a unique ID given to every machine in a network. It means anyone who can monitor your IP address can see your browsing data – including your Internet provider and that guy Kevin from IT who hates kittens. How To Delete Your Amazon Order History And Hide Browsing Jun 03, 2019 How To Hide Browsing History From Network Admin - LimeVPN

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That’s where a virtual private network’s secured browsing comes in. A VPN can provide anonymity and security when you’re online, in part by hiding your IP address and encrypting your Internet traffic. In short, it can do what you wish your private browser did.

Tor is an anonymity network that you can use to hide your IP address and encrypt your Internet traffic. When you use Tor, your traffic and data will pass through multiple relays. So, you can use it to block ISP tracking. Tor is free to use, so they have that going for them.