First, you can simply delete your Google account from Settings -> Accounts, then go to your Google account and select the option to remove it from the top-right menu. The second method is to factory reset your device and not sign in to your Google account during the initial setup.

How to stop Google Maps from tracking your location Dec 07, 2019 Settings | reCAPTCHA | Google Developers May 21, 2019 Google collects a frightening amount of data about you Google collects a frightening amount of data about you. You can find and delete it now. Google will auto-delete data -- for some users -- but only after a year and a half. You can do better than that. How To Delete Google Account Permanently?

May 18, 2019 · That being said, it is possible to look up and delete most of the data Google has on you. Unlike Facebook, these settings aren’t super difficult to find — but it’s important to know where

The Steps to delete a Google or Gmail account. * Sign In- Gmail Account. Once you sign in Gmail account so go your Google Account page into the web browser and click Data & Personalization on the left side of Google account page. * Scroll down and

Jul 26, 2018

[Q] Remove Google Account from Fire | Amazon Kindle Fire Aug 30, 2017 uninstallation - Google settings permanent uninstall It is "Google Play Services". Can't uninstall system services without root privileges. If you do so with root privileges it may cause problems with Google Play. Settings > Apps > All > click on Google Play Services and uninstall updates will work, but it will uninstall only updates. It will update automatically again by Google. Welcome to My Activity