Jun 07, 2019

How to turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi Hotspot: Share your It’s easy to create a hotspot from your Mac and share your WiFi connection with different devices. Here we show you how. How to share WiFi from Mac to iPhone. What you want: You should have an Ethernet connection to your Mac. In other words, your Mac should be connected to the community via cable as an alternative to Wi-Fi. How to set password on Mac WiFi hotspot: Yosemite Using Mac WiFi hotspot you can connect multiple devices through Internet Sharing. To Turn on /Enable /set password on Mac WiFi hotspot you can share your internet with more than one connection securely. After that no one WiFi enabled device can connect without password set on your Mac WiFi hotspot. Create a WiFi Hotspot – Share Your Internet Connection in May 22, 2008 Free WiFi Hotspot Software App for Windows Computers

How to set password on Mac WiFi hotspot: Yosemite

How to create a WiFi hotspot in my MACBOOK AIR - Quora Your Mac can function as a wireless hotspot, allowing you to connect your other devices to it and share its Internet connection. This is most useful if your Mac is connected to a wired network interface via Ethernet. You can connect your wireless

Create a free WiFi hotspot on your Mac or Windows

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