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Mar 14, 2013 · The illegal drug trade alone qualifies as its own very large sector of the overall black market economy, accounting for 600 billion US dollars in profit annually—roughly 70 percent of the revenue of all criminal organizations in the world. In addition, about 1.5 TRILLION dollars in drug money are laundered through legitimate businesses each Aug 22, 2013 · Mashable India; Mashable ME; Mashable SE Asia; Mashable UK; Entertainment. Like Follow. 14 Illegal Things You're Doing on the Internet. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. By Denise Lu 2013-08-22 14:25:17 Oct 08, 2017 · After her divorce, Nisha found a job working in an Indian restaurant in New York, being paid illegally in cash under the table. Today she is talking to a lawyer and she might be able to remain in the US, if her lawyer has his way. But she does not see things improving and moving back to India is not an option. “My family does not want me back. Laws are in place to make sure society continues to run smoothly. Sometimes though, laws can get a bit out of hand, weird even. Here are 42 crazy laws from around the world. Nov 13, 2018 · Things That Are Completely Illegal In India, But Are Still Out There. Being a democratic country, India is a nation that is also famous for breaking the rules. There are so many new rules that come up each day, and there are those who are a perfectionist when it is all about breaking the rules! One moment you’re using a squirt gun in Marlboro (technically illegal!), and the next you’re being clapped in irons. In order to help you avoid any such unfortunate legal gaffes, we’ve collected a list of things that seem perfectly above-board until you learn what crazy laws are actually on the books in Massachusetts.

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Traditionally, women don't touch men in India when meeting and greeting them. A handshake, which is a standard western gesture, can be misinterpreted as something more intimate in India if coming from a woman. The same goes for touching a man, even just briefly on the arm, while speaking to him. Nov 09, 2017 · Illegal prostitution has forced thousands of underprivileged and helpless girls, mostly minors, into a life of exploitation and abuse. There are many researches and data to prove that legal and regulated prostitution can stop exploitation, and human trafficking, but still prostitution is illegal in India. Sep 18, 2014 · 6 things we do every day that are illegal. Did you know you've already broken the law without realising it? News. Business. India is one of the largest hubs for online piracy. Sep 08, 2019 · India's home affairs minister on Sunday said his government "will not allow a single illegal immigrant to stay", as he visited Assam state where a controversial citizenship register sparked uproar from the almost two million people excluded. Jul 06, 2015 · 10 Bizarre Things That Used To Be Illegal. By JR Thorpe. July 6, 2015. It was only when things got sticky and somebody was killed, according to Belofsky, that the law got involved.