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Change email notifications - iPhone & iPad - Gmail Help On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app . In the top left, tap Menu Settings . Select your account. Tap Notifications . Select a notification level. How to get Gmail notifications on iPhone in 2 ways To get Gmail notifications on your iPhone and stay up to date with your emails, head to your Settings app and Gmail app settings. If you primarily use your desktop for your Gmail account, having 3 Ways to Get Gmail Push Notifications on iPhone Use a Puppetmaster account. This is a little hacky and complicated to set up, but here’s how it …

Objective. To view and change the notifications for Gmail; Environment. All Republic Wireless phones; Gmail application for Android; Procedure. Open Gmail Tap the three dashes on the upper left corner; Tap Settings Tap your email address Ensure Notifications is checked Tap Inbox notifications; Tap Sound Choose a Ringtone. Note: We recommend setting it to something other than Default

How to change the notification sound on the iOS Gmail app I am talking with Apple iOS expert via chat. He said the same thing as option one. I am asking “Can I customize the GMAIL APP notification sound?” and added by now I would think Google would have programmed it into their app so that tens of thousa How To Show Gmail Notifications On A Desktop | Technobezz

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Mar 19, 2018 iPhone Notifications Not Working? Here's The Real Fix! Dec 11, 2017 Gmail on iPhone Not Working and How To Fix It | Wirefly Although you are certain you are entering the correct password for your Gmail account, your email will not load on your iPad or iPhone. Or perhaps your Gmail was previously working on your device, but now you are traveling and it has suddenly stopped. This issue can be extremely frustrating and confusing. This article will cover the details of why your Gmail is not working on your iPad or Get Email Notifications on iPhone | Leawo Tutorial Center Sep 30, 2017